Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls! I just love them!

It's been almost a week again since the last time I posted. I know a few more weeks will probably pass before I post again :-) I wanted to post these before we go on vacation.

Remember the cute outfits I was making for my nieces American Girls? Well, I made a few more. I really hope they fit the AG dolls. I don't have an AG doll to try them on. I used one of the first crocheted dolls I made like 15 years ago to model some of the outfits.

Here on the left, she is wearing a very cute dress for a tea party in the afternoon :-) You can tell the dress is a little small for her. My doll has a longer torso than normal :-)

Here, she is wearing a black and hot pink tutu with a black and silver leotard. The leotard is in crochet.

I have no idea why these next two photos turned out like this. I tried uploading them a few times but every time they would come out like this. I gave up! This is one of the reasons I don't blog as often. It takes me hours to post a little thing. I don't find blogger very user friendly. Or, maybe my skills are lacking on that department :-)

Shoes to go with her tutu outfit and knit high pants to go with the orange sweater. The flower on the side is a double layer rose crocheted with variegated blue and orange.

The sweater was made with orange and hot pink Caron Simply soft. I made the fabric buttons to match.

Last, but not least, I wanted to share my batch of dolls that will be going to to support Sarah's DollyDonations.

I love the way they turned out! I've been practicing my drawing skills so I can come up with my own pattern :-) Also, I've been practicing my sewing skills :-) I want to be really good (fast) at it so I can make tons of dolls and make kids happy all over the world. I'm thinking about sending my next batch back home, Dominican Republic. We share the island with Haiti. It's a dream that I always had! I think is about time to take action and do it :-)


  1. Te había escrito un comentario bien largo diciendote que te quedó muy linda la ropita y felicitándote por tu altruismo. Y no me vas a creer pero blogger tuvo algun problema y me lo borró. :S
    Sé que a tu sobrinita le gustará mucho la ropita y que harás a muchas niñas y niños felices con tus muñequitas. Espero algún día contribuír con eso de las muñequitas también...

  2. Gracias Wendy! Deberias mudarte por aqui. I need a crafty friend nearby :-) Te imaginas? Los niños en la escuela y nosotras haciendo muñecas todo el dia, LOL

  3. I love them!! And i know they will find very happy homes!

    Let me know if you send another batch to the Dominican Republic and i'll pop them on the blog also!

    Take care, and happy sewing!

    Dolly Donations: Sending Love, 1 Dolly at a Time!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Sarah! I will definitely keep you posted on my Dolly Drive. I met this wonderful woman (Zumba instructor at the Y) that adopted two kids from Liberia. They just came from a mission trip there and are going back again next summer. We've already planned to do a dolly drive for that. Hopefully, the word will pass around and I'll get some helpers. Right now, it's only me and my sewing skills are so, so basic. I need to become better at it so I can be a little faster :-)
    Thanks again Sarah for the inspiration!!!!

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  6. Om my, these are adorable! I've been following you through FB and it seems like you had a relaxing vacation. I would love to get to the beach...

  7. Hi Rachel, it's so good to hear from you! I just got your email message. I don't know much about good tips for the dolls but I'll do my best to respond and, hopefully, have some useful info. for you :-)