Friday, October 9, 2009

R.I.P. Gilberto Zaldivar

This week has been totally crazy. I've been trying to stay away from the computer which probably explains why I haven't blogged. Lately, we've been bombarded with unpleasant news. They don't necessarily have anything to do with us still, they affect you one way or the other. They make you think and reflect about your own life, health, and future. I'm really trying not to let things get to me. It's really hard though.

On Tuesday, one of the Co-founder of the Theatre my husband works for, Gilberto Zaldivar, passed away. My husband had to fly to NY unexpectedly. The viewing(Celebration of his Life) is today at the Theatre.

That last time I saw him was when we were living in FL almost 6 years ago. He came down from NY to spend Christmas with his sister and he had invited us to dinner at his sister's house.
Here are some pictures from that night. He was always smiling or making jokes. I remember he was fascinated with Gaby and was trying to keep him entertained.

Gaby was playing the keyboard and delighting everyone with his concert.

R.I.P. Gilberto


  1. Entiendo como te has de sentír! Mi papito, murió hace 2 semanas también y es por eso que no había puesto nuevas entradas en mi blog. Yo ya estoy mejor, pero aún así es muy doloroso la muerte de un ser tan querido.
    Qué bonito que te tomaste el tiempo de recordar los momentos que pasaron junto a Gilberto!
    Me dió gusto visitar tu blog nuevamente! Te cuento que ya vendí 2 muñecas en Etsy, ahora si estoy bien motivada y tengo viada para rato, je,je.

  2. Gracias por compartir...Thanks for sharing about your dear friend Gilberto. Sounds like you have some very special memories of him. I just noticed your new headbands in Etsy. Congratulations on your recent sales. I've been a little busy myself.