Saturday, December 19, 2009

Where should I start? It's been almost a month!!!!

I can't believe it's been that long since I last posted here. I really need to try harder to update my blog.

Ok, so right after Thanksgiving, I was working day and night on my Bow Business. I had the Christmas On Main Street show last Monday and it was a great experience!! I really enjoyed it! I met a lot of wonderful people and I made some $$ too. I truly believe that some doors will open for me based on that show. I met a very, very nice lady that offered to take my catalog and samples to a gift store in SC. I met with her on Wednesday to give them to her. I hope she brings me really great news next week. She also mentioned that she has a friend here that owns a dance store and that she does consignment. She might be interested in my ballerina clippies.

I got a lot of positive feedback and that made me all excited. Now, I'm looking forward to do another small show right before Valentine's Day. I need to look into that ASAP as I don't have that much time to get ready.

Oh, I also made a cute outfit (tutu and zumba onesie) for one of our zumba instructors. She loved it!!!! Here is a picture.

I love the way it came out. Working with tulle was a little tedious, lol I need to practice a little bit more though. I can't wait to see the baby wearing her tutu. She is our future zumba diva, :-P

On another note, this year, for the first time in the many years we've been together, we decided to get a real Christmas tree. We were so excited when we got. No so much right now. The poor tree is not doing well. it's really dry and we've been watering it everyday. Here is a picture we took a couple of weeks ago.
We are expecting my dad and some family friends for Christmas. They were supposed to arrive tomorrow but because of the snow storm in the North East everything in closed and they might not be able to make it here until Monday. That gives me another day to get the house ready, lol

Ok, I think that would be all for now. I have to get back to cleaning.

Happy Holidays!!! I hope you all have a fantastic one!!!!


  1. Happy holidays to you too!

    This post made me so excited. Congratulations on the bows, first of all. Wow! I loved the dragonflies in the photo.

    The Zumba outfit looks great, as does the tree (and the painting above your fireplace -- I'm a fan)

  2. Larissa que bueno que la pasaste muy bien en el craft festival! Tu arbolito está muy bonito y además me super encanta el cuadro que tienes encima de la chimenea, está divino....
    No hemos podido platicar porque yo he estado tambien un poco ocupada, a ver cuando platicamos!

  3. Thank you so much, girls!!! Glad to hear that you guys like my painting! I bought it in DR about two years ago. I love the faces!!! I think they represent the "Tainos", our indigenous people that were wiped out during Colonization. We haven't frame it because frames are really expensive. At least, the ones I like. I mounted it in stretcher bars that I got at Hobby lobby for a few $$$. Ok, gotta get back to cleaning. I'm almost done. My guests will be here tomorrow.