Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Have Major OCD!

Seriously, I must have major OCD because this could not be normal :). I counted about 60 unfinished projects. I promised I was going to look for them and I did. Here are some pictures.

A couple of heads and bodies. A red eye tree frog that is looking more like an alien, lol. Parts for three different giraffes. I was designing the one on the lower left, but I ran out of yarn. I'm actually working on the one in the middle right now. You can see a hat, slippers, baby shoes and a butterfly.

Here is a swan or goose (I don't even know) that I made like ten years ago. I think is just missing the hat and a ribbon. The blue baby sweater is just missing buttons or velcro. That little green guy is supposed to be Master Yoda, lol. Next to the sweater, you can see all the pieces for a hamburger, except for the bun. Next to eat is a baby bib. I need to make the straps a little longer. On top of the bib, there is an amigurumi bear. It's just missing the face. My husband says it looks like a mouse :) On the lower left corner, you can see a halter top and a top that I was making for one of my nieces when my sister was pregnant. I never finished it. Next to the tops, is a blue ball. The orange pieces you see there if for a fawn (Gourmet Amigurumi's pattern.) I love the head, but I don't like the body. I need to work on that again. Right next to it, you can see a bunch of flowers and leaves. But, that's not all. There's still more.

Here you can find a bunch of heads for pencil toppers. Eventually, I will turn them into animals just like the frog on my banner.

You are probably tired by now, but there is still more. Two scarves, two pair of shoes, a small pet sweater, a baby sweater, a shawl and a chinchilla. Here is a closer look at the baby shoes.

And more projects.

A big baby, an elephant, a bear, a body for a doll, a pig, a tiny white baby shoe, a pink face, a blue body and a doll.
Here you can see the big baby a little closer. That thing is ugly, lol. I'm sure once I add the facial features and some clothes it will look better.

Remember that ugly doll that I mentioned to you before? Well, here she is. I already got rid off her facial features. I think that's her major problem. Maybe I should make her different clothes.

Here is a close up of the face.

From the side.

Ok, I think that's all for now. I hope I didn't scare you away with this long post :).


  1. Oh, all of these little half done thingy's makes me think of the land of misfit toys in the Rudolph Christmas movie.

  2. Wow, what neat little creations! I love the doll. :)

  3. So what does OCD stand for? Obsessive compulsive Disorder? You need therapy...LOL...Seriously Larissa, that's a lot of unfinished projects. Do you think you'll finish them someday? I don't have that many. The doll definitely looks latina. older Dora the Explorer. I do like the dimples on the baby.