Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Think I'm Back on Track.

We had a great time with all our guests this summer! Our cousins were really in shock with the fact that we don't have a TV. They couldn't understand how we can live without it. I thought that was really funny. I know people think we are crazy, but Gaby doesn't like to watch TV and we are always busy doing other things that we just don't have the time to watch TV. We are a member of NetFlix and, most of the times, we get a movie and we don't get to see it until a month or two later. Anyway, enough of that.

My mom spent a month with us. She left on Friday. It was great having her, but I ate so much and did not hit the gym once. She cooked every day and, of course, it's really hard to say "no" to my mom's food. She makes the best beans. I was able to freeze some for the rest of the month. There was only one little problem with my mom. She said she's not coming back unless we sign a contract saying that we'll have a TV for her, LOL. She did a lot of embroidering and cross stitch to keep her sanity for a month. Just thinking about it makes me laugh. She is funny!

We had a great time at the school's open house yesterday. I used to work at the school so I know a lot of people there. I kept running into staffs, parents and students that I've known from previous years. I kept talking and talking. I barely made it to Gaby's class. That was a great feeling! Gaby is so excited to start the new school year. He really likes his teacher. Apparently, every third grader wanted to be in that class. Not only he got the teacher he wanted, but also a great number of kids that he has known from previous classes. He is very happy and he already knows that this is going to be a great school year. He is really looking forward to learn about science and do some cool experiments.

Now, with the beginning of the school year I get back to my routine again. It's been a great week already. I went back to zumba after a month. WOW, do I feel great or what? I almost forgot how zumba makes me feel. I love the energy!

Today, I started taking sewing lessons too. I'm so excited! I learned a lot and I'm so looking forward to start my tote bag. I'll keep you posted of my progress.

Last, but not least, I want to share this little doll with you. I made it for one of the teachers I worked with last year. She just had a baby girl. I'm not too happy with it so I'm still undecided about giving it to her or not. What do you think?

Meet Ella...

The pictures were taken in the little macro studio that Gaby and I made a week or two ago. BTW, this was one of my sixty something unfinished objects. One down...I'm making progress, lol.

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