Sunday, July 26, 2009

Amigurumi Mexican Doll and Emoticon

Since we had our friend over for the week, I did not have too much time for knitting/crochet or the gym. So, yesterday I decided to take the day of from cooking and cleaning. It was my day to relax.

I have a collection of amigurumi patterns that I've been meaning to make. I think I spend more time collecting patterns than actually making the dolls. I just keep finding patterns of all these cute little things and I need to have them. Anyway, yesterday I decided to stay away from the computer and start working on some of the patterns. This was my first choice.

I already made the head. I love her face! I usually don't do too well with the embroidering but I think Sarita is looking lovely! I made the wig for her hair but it turned out too small. Well, the thing is that I'm not using the right yarn. I'm using whatever I have on my stash. I'm almost done with the body as well. The body came out too small for the head (Pictures will come later). I'm planning to make a smaller head for the body and I'm going to use this face for a different doll. I have all these plan with her...curly hair? straight hair? red hair? green hair? pants? skirts? zumba girl? So many options....

Changing the subject, Anna from Mochimochi has been working in a series of tiny knitted things. She makes the cutest tiny little things. I was inspired by her to try making tiny crochet objects. I'm not sure these tiny little things are for me. Here is my first try: Mr. Happy Emoticon. This guy looks ugly and weird, LOL. I realy need to try and do better than this. My idea is to make different emoticons (happy, sad, grumpy...).

Ok. That's it for now. Back to work :)


  1. Those eyelashes are simply gorgeous! I await photos of more progress :)

  2. Lovely girl and you said she's mexican--why not Puerto Rican or Panamanian....LOL...Love the emoticon mini---I bet they are quick to make.

  3. Thank you so much ladies! LOL, what about Dominican, like me? I'm almost done with her. She is looking really cute!