Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bike Riding

Yesterday, we went to the Greenway to ride our bikes. We rode about 12 miles again. It was a real adventure. When we were on our way to the trail, our bike rack crashed in the middle the road. Good thing there was not too much traffic and we didn’t cause any accidents. I ended up driving the car to the Greenway while my husband rode his bike and pulled mine all the way to the trail. The best part was when we were ready to head back and we were trying to fit the 3 bikes inside our CRV. That was a challenge! And getting them off was another. Still, we did it!!! That was a lot of fun! Now, we are in the search for a new bike rack. Those things can be quite expensive!


  1. Ok - let's try and see if I can comment.

  2. It worked, so now I can tell you, I'm glad the bike incident was not serious and no other cars were involved. The worst that could have happened was if you had someone behind you and they ran over your bike. That's a really nice picture of your son and your husband.