Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Fun

One of Gaby's favorite things to do during the summer is to watch Speedy going crazy with the sprinklers. It's a lot of fun to watch him. He goes nuts from one sprinkler to the next. Here is a little video clip:

And here are some pictures of Gaby and Speedy playing:

I love to see them having so much fun!!!

I love this particular picture.

Speedy is flying...

Let's see, what else is new? Well, Gaby started Camp Invention today. He was so excited this morning when we dropped him off and he's been talking about it since he came back this afternoon. He had an awesome day. He can't wait to go back tomorrow!!!

After dropping Gaby at his camp this morning, DH and I went to a power yoga class. That class was so good! All I needed after a whole week without working out. After yoga, DH went back to work and I went to Zumba with Jatrine. I love that class! And, like if that was not enough, I went to another zumba class this afternoon with Koh. I missed half of that class though. I thought the class was at 6:00 pm but it was actually at 5:30pm. The minute I walked in, Koh called me to go to the front. She always does that with the new instructors. When I did the training with her a couple of weeks ago, I told her I was not going to go to the class for a while because I didn't want to be put on the spot. She probably thought that was the reason why I didn't go last week, lol. Oh, she just couldn't wait for me to go back and tell the whole class that I was a new instructor :). You should've seen the grin on her face. I love her!!!
BTW, I just found out that there's a zumbathon on September 19th at the Ballantyne Corporate park. Whohoo! I can't wait! It's free to everyone.

Later on, I'll post some on my Sarita Mexican doll. DH is waiting for us to have dinner. Gotta go...


  1. I'm staying away from Zumba this week. I've done something to my right foot, which needs to heal. My foot does not hurt when I walk but when I lay still at night, sometimes it's really strange. What can I tell you...age must have something to do...LOL.... I will go on Wednesday night to Body Sculpt with Marina. I like using the weights and the core workout is always needed.

  2. My foot does that when is too humid outside. I'm aching everywhere, LOL. My 95 yrs old grandma is doing better than me :)
    I love Marina's class but it kills me. It hurts my lower back and knees a lot. I don't give it up though. I keep going!!! I love her energy!!!

  3. I love when dogs play - they are so adorable! You have a cuttie!