Saturday, July 25, 2009

Spending time with our friend Paul

Gaby and Paul in top of our front yard tree.

This week our friend Paul visit us from NY. It was such a pleasure to have him with us. The last time Gaby and I saw him was about 6 years ago when we were living in Plantation, FL-- John gets to see him more often because he goes to NY all the time for work.

Gaby was so excited! I've never seen him talking so much. He usually takes a while to open up to people. This time was different. He established rapport with Paul immediately. They played soccer and rode the bikes; they built a spaceship with legos; they talked about Star Wars, books, inventions, etc; and they walked a lot and climbed the tree in our front yard.

We went to the Greenway for a walk and saw these cute deers. It took me by surprise. I've only seen deers around here during the winter time.

The picture below was taken at Imaginon.

Paul went back to NY today and I can tell that Gaby is already missing him. Come back soon, Paul!


  1. we've been having quite a few deer now as well - it is strange.

  2. I love the deer picture. I was pleasantly surprised a few weeks ago as I was driving into my neighborhood by 4 deer crossing the street. It's such a beautiful sight. Glad you got together with your friend.